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Ride out West
After the 2008 Fire & Iron NationalRally,  members of Station 17 continued to head further out west.
Day 1 - New Braunfels, TX to Fort Stockton, TX
Not alot of pictures but then again not alot to look at.
Day 2- Fort Stockton, TX to Las Crucez, NM
Slight delay of 7 hours in El Paso getting bike fixed
Day 3 - Las Cruces, NM to Flagstaff, AZ
Riding through Tonto National Forest and Sedona
Day 4 - Flagstaff, AZ to Bullhead City, AZ
via Grand Canyon and the old Route 66
Day 5 - Bullhead City, AZ to Kingman, AZ
Cutting through CA Stopping in Las Vegas and seeing the Hoover Dam
Day 6 - Kingman, AZ to Amarillo, TX
The first push home
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Day 7 - Amarillo, TX to St. Louis, MO
Another big push home.
Sorry no pictures. Nothing really to look at plus some nasty riding weather.
Day 8 - St. Louis, MO to Wisconsin
Some of the worst riding weather ever.
Hard rain w/ winds of 25-35 mph gusting to 50+ mph